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Thread: experiencing the 'unknown'

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    experiencing the 'unknown'

    im looking to TOFTT with some relatively unknown provider(s) today the 8th/Sept. my checklist:

    -only 30 minutes
    -not going to spend over $150 for 30mins
    -decent pictures and any not fake decscriptions at least
    here's the prospects, what should i go for? - "suzy" - "meadow" - "katie" "candy"

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    I was a little intrigued about Meadow but she doesnt do incalls. Hard to tell if the Asian ladies are real pics. Good luck

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    I'd go for Katie. Because I want to see her so I'm curious what you think!

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    i texted her last night and still no reply. the only one whos gotten back to me is meadow

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    I texted Miki in your other thread and she got back right away. Good rates. I might visit her this week.

    If she's anything like the other Korean Yumi, I'll leave very happy.

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    can confirm. Miki is pleasant. I ended up going to her. $140 for HH, DATY,CBJ,Foreplay. she isn't like what her pictures suggest, shes got at least a solid set of D's on her chest though, and heavier but not bbw girl. i probably would repeat, she offered to shower with me after our session but i just straight up left. 6.5/10

    unfortunately the other 4 Service Providers i picked out in this forum, only meadow ended up replying back to me and for $160 HH. i declined the session

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    Thanks ZD for reporting back.

    Was DATY on the menu?

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    yes she let you dine out! She does have hair down there but there is not much and its trimmed and she did some cool design with it lol

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    Thanks, I missed the DATY in your original review.

    I might go see her. I like pleasant girls.

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    Hey, if you are unsure about an SP and want a buddy to come along, I'll go in halfers with you. Just kidding....unless your going to do it.

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