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Thread: Rayanne... bit of a surprise

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    Rayanne... bit of a surprise

    So I called Rayanne a few nights ago. Well, actually I texted her, and booking with her was easy. Straight to the point, but not cold. Shortly after we settled the details she arrived. I was quite surprised when she showed up, not at all what I had expected. She is beautiful with a fantastic body. Her pics do not do her justice. But she was really shy and awkward. I expected her to have more self-confidence. I didnít really know how to deal with it but we started talking and she didnít take too long to warm up. Within a few minutes we were underway. Her body is even better without clothes and if that wasnít enough she has one of the most amazing head games ive ever experienced. She gave an excellent GFE and once we got past her shyness she turned out to be very personable. After what seemed like a nonstop run of fakes, frauds and con-artists it was awesome to not only find someone real but also that enjoyable. I wonít lie, when she arrived I almost sent her away. Im glad I rolled the dice. I will definitely be calling again.

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    Hi, glad you had a good time. I was tempted o see her myself recently but hesitated because I thought I had seen her pictures somewhere else and got an uneasy feeling. So those pics are really her ??? Maybe I should reconsider.

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    I think I know what you mean... I felt the same way so I went looking. There is a girl in Nanaimo that has a very similar profile picture as Rayanne. Same position, similar lingerie, also on a bed... but it’s not the same pic. After she left I looked at her pics again. I would honestly saw that there were none that I found questionable.

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    fwiw, I think she used to be at BOA Vic before it closed. The ladies there were pretty legit.

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    Yeah, she was at BOA Victoria before they closed, she is very ligit. & those pictures are of her & they are accurate. She keeps herself very well. Last fall, I did a review of a duo I had with her & Jade (now Eden Frost, indi) while they both were at BOA Victoria. I've seen her multiple times. Rayanne is a very good sp, definitely one of the better ones, gives a great gfe. She's got this hip action I really like. Get past any shyness, she actually quite warm, friendly, confident, & not to mention adorable. I sure wish all sp's were like her!

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    I have seen here multiple times at BOA. Pity that she does not have an incall as I would definitely love to see her again, but can't have her come to me.

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    Met her a while back. Only for a massage, but wish I would have gone for a FS.
    As far as incall, she told she books rooms from time to time. So I guess keep an eye out for her adds.

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    Saw her add today. She says she's offering incall this week

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    Saw Rayanne at her incall which she said was only available until Nov.6th. I had a great time with her. I too felt she was a bit on the shy side but warmed up quickly and she is super cute, I would describe her as a spinner body which I really like and I was glad I saw her. I would definitely recommend Rayanne and will try to see her again before Nov.6th.
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