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Thread: 2019 Election thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crookedmember View Post
    So, this is where we're at. Do you really think Scheer is emotionally fit to be PM?
    I dont take my political advice from Lieberal twitter feeds thanks.....dont even bother with twitter or facebook.

    After the Sponsorship Administration program when the Chretien lead Lieberals STOLE 250 MILLION of tax payer money to dole it out to Lieberal ridings and cronies in Quebec I jumped to the other side of the fence.Far as I am concerned you could strategically
    shave a monkey and dress it in a nice suit with a blue tie and call it a Conservative candidate and I would vote for it.The SNC Lavalin scandal just reinforces this for me.....the fact that Trudeau dodges questions about it and acts like butter would not melt in his mouth over it and actually defends not only his DIRECT actions as well those of Gerald Butts and Michael Wernick just proves to me the arrogance of the Lieberals....2 sets of rules...1 for the elites and 1 for the rest of Society.

    Had the SNC Lavalin affair been held accountable like a private sector company with Trudeau as CEO.....he would be in JAIL.


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    I saw Elizabeth May on the news tonight, never paid much attention to her before. She looks like an old hag to be honest. Don’t know how anyone could be fool enough to vote for the Green Party with her leading it.

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