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Thread: Olivia @ SVIP

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    Olivia @ SVIP

    Another great addition to the SVIP line up.

    She has a very attractive face. She's short, has firm body, broader frame so doesn't look quite like a spinner, but she's actually slim. Not sure how to categorise her body, but her pics are accurate, and she's gorgeous.

    She was very into kissing, and wanted to jump quickly to FS. So I didn't get to experience her BJ and BLS skills, though they are listed in her menu. In fact deep throat is listed. Shame because I love BLS. But first time go with her flow, and want both to be as comfortable.

    I did get to dine, and she tasted good, and got into it. Her moans and groans seemed genuine, nothing over the top. FS was great, different rhythms and positions, with great kissing.

    She made you feel like she's enjoying the session as much as you, and that's the best feeling. I highly recommend.

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    Great review! I wish there could be more photos. Looking forward seeing her

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    SVIP posted an ad with a pic, is that her on the bottom?

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    That’s Dylan, on the bottom. Smoke show.

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    Olivia is another gem at SVIPS. Her body is firm and toned. Dark eyes, olive complexion and genuine love of her vocation make her a must see.... for me anyway.
    LFK, great BLS and she seemed to enjoy DATY very much. Def repeat.
    Thank you Ms. Harvi.

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    Since writing my original review, seen her a few more times, and got better each time. Did get to experience great BJ and BLS from her. But her passionate DFK was best.

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