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Thread: Storage issues

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    Storage issues

    Iím at 40 out of 40 stores messages and it wonít delete them
    There for I canít PM anyone including the mods

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    Ya I’ve tried that but it won’t delete them

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    It empty’s all messages in the sent file but it has 40 stored messages that won’t go

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    Clear You Sent folder as well. I learned that pretty quick, I kept clearing my inbox but didn't realize my Sent box was filling up.

    Check the box in the front, scroll down, and follow what my dear friend Vulva Man said.
    At my age, they all look good and luckily there is a nerve that connects my eyes to my one-eyed monster.

    (, v ,)
    .) . (
    ( 'v' )

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    Thanks , I managed to clear up some space

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    you can look if you have time

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