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Thread: Jess or Destiny.

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    Jess or Destiny.


    I’ll be in Kamloops for a few days....


    Or Destiny

    Or any other suggestions....

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey I haven't booked Destiny before but seems others have had a good time.

    Jess is great. Pics are accurate and she's an honest provider. Both seem to be great choices to narrow down to. Happy pooning in Kamloops.

    I think I saw Jess does Duos with Lola (Lola Banks) now? Lola is another good one although I've only seen her once.

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    I also thought i remember seeing that jess and lola were doing duos thought i was going crazy, good to see that someone else seen that! Jess and lola are probably 2 of the best girls in kamloops if brunettes are your thing although i did hear that jess has fallen victim to drugs but I have not seen her for awhile so i cant confirm that. Destiny though im not sure i recall seeing a destiny advertise?

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    I have seen Jess when I was in kamloops 3 weeks ago. Had a good time , no signs of drug use.

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    Good to hear she is far to good for that lifestyle also was thinking about booking some time with her soon but wasn't sure about it.But I think I will book with her its been a minute

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