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    Cici - 5300

    Hi, any info on her? Her pics look familar...

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    Yup, I think it's her first trip to the rodeo in Burnaby. Verified pics are her, only saw her for half service. Service similar to Anna, I would say her massage skills are a bit better, she looks older than Anna however. Overall, left satisfied and will repeat.

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    thank you for the reply. i will try her in the next few days and report back.

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    hey yvryeo, please clear your inbox

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    How old would you say she is? Also whats damage? Does she allow dfk for half service?
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    I'm going to say late 20's to 30 max. Damage was 100/45 plus 20 for gear removal. She was very liberal and inviting for hands to roam freely. Not sure about dfk, she was positioned in an awkward side mount where I was not able to reach her face. Give her a shot, I have the impression, it'll only get better with return visits.

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    So I visited her. My when I first saw her behind door, she didnt look that good.
    She was short about 5’ with a small belly. I asked her to remove gear and she said no, only FS. I said Ok then. Massage was not good.
    Came the flip and I asked for BBJ but she said no. I said i called prior to coming and was told BBj. She said I must’ve spoke with her boss. She asked for $20 i said ok but remove all gears. She agreed. BBJ was good, she looked better with the dim lighting lol. Total paid 100/45 plus $20. She was friendly.

    L 6
    A 8
    S 8

    Recommend- iffy

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