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Thread: QT with a booty Melissa AVOID

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    QT with a booty Melissa AVOID

    Hey. Just new to this board. Long time lurker. Been in the hobby for a long time and wanted to finally post because of how I was treated when seeing Melissa. Set up was fine. Agreed to services no problem. Get there and she seemed kind of out of it and said she just woke up from a nap. Stunk like smoke. Heavier than the pictures suggest which is fine. Whatever. Then when we start messing around she complained about everything. BJ for a few mins (said her jaw was sore) gets on top for a min (her knees hurt) go doggy for a few mins (starfishes and then says it hurts) I tried to finish myself off and get out of there and then she just went off on me because I “looked angry and disappointed”. Started yelling at me about how I was abusing her? (No idea where she got that from) and threatened to call the cops on me multiple times as I tried to get dressed. Paid for an hour with extras and was out of there in 20 mins. Psycho. Stay away. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!!

    *noted that I am aware there is someone impersonating her as another thread states, but this was the real Melissa.

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    I second this motion despite my previous positive review.

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