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    I've been to Paradise several times over the last few months. The place is basic, when compared to places like Fantasy. But it is clean and not a "dump" as a reviewer in the past has put it. It has 3 differently lit rooms, the red one with a jacuzzi.

    I have not seen many reviews of this place. A couple of reviews here on the girls.

    First one is Milan. She is a petite brunette, around 25 years old and about 5'2". Long dark hair and quite cute. I'd say perhaps about a 35B+/25/35 (I suck at guessing, so apologies in advance if I'm inaccurate) and perhaps 105#. She has a soft midsection with a few stretch marks, but nothing that can't be ironed out with a bit of time in the gym. Gives a pretty good massage. Your sore muscle knots should be well worked out. Good hands for someone her size. On the tipping side, she is very accommodating to requests and gets into the session quite well. Very energetic and well worth it. Light FK is possible (YMMV, of course). I would say that she would be one of those that has been very underrated and a hidden gem that no one wants to share.

    L/A/S 8.5/9/9

    Second is Ariel. She is tall and thin. Perhaps 5'8" and around the 28-30 range. Great body, with pierced nipples, navel, and clit. A few tattoos. For those big breast lovers, sorry, she's pretty much flat. Gives a great massage and really gets into session as well. We have made quite a mess of the room on more than one occassion. Light FK is also possible (YMMV of course). She was rated at the 2002 year end review thread as one of the most underrated. I would definitely agree.

    L/A/S 8.5/9.5/9.5

    Others at this place look promising too.

    No web page. Perhaps they will put one together in the future.

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    I have to agree with SN on Ariel, a pleasant girl who is very good at what she does.

    One thing is I haven't heard the term light FK before, can you clarify. I am thinking one thinking of one thing and am not sure if we are on the same page.


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    I'm guessing 'light french kissing' as opposed to a tonsil probing 'deep french kissing' (DFK)?

    What kind of rates can we expect from Ariel? Let's face it the place is a dump, I might conside the place if the price was right. After all I can go to Cloud 9, Fantasy or Deja Vu which are IMHO head and shoulders above Paradise and not worry about getting my car stolen while I'm in the place. 107 and 107 is not exactly a 'safe area' of town.

    my unsolicted 2 cents.

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    Yes, the area is obviously not the best part of town. But IMHO it's safe enough such that you won't get jumped the second you leave your car or as you leave the place!

    As for the prices, I'd say that it is cheaper overall compared to places like Fantasy (which I heard just bumped up FS prices slightly), Deja Vu, or Cloud 9. I think your bang for your buck goes quite a bit farther. Nothing wrong with those other places (at least the ones I've been to). I've been to Fantasy a few times and Jesse does a wonderful job managing the place and the ladies I've seen are wonderful, especially Sydney!!

    I'm not looking at the decor while in the session. The extra fancy aesthetics at the other places are a nice touch.

    I guess one way to visualize it is on a scale of 1 to 10, where, I would imagine, places like Fantasy, Cloud 9, and Deja Vu would be classified as a 9 or 10 (clean with lots of extra decor to make it more relaxing/comfortable/etc.). A 5 or 6 would be a place that meets normal cleanliness requirements and it's, I imagine, where most places operating would most likely fall into. IMHO, I'd say Paradise would fall in around the 6-7 range. My $0.02.

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    Sinderellas. I wonder if they ever fixed that damn crappy shower door in the front room.

    Fantasy: The front rooms are big enough to entertain a football team in. Absolutely ef*ing fantastic. I love em.

    Supreme: Jesus H get a new tanning bed please. Thanks for making me feel like a piece of meat in there.

    I won't go on. So that said, I got nothing against small cozy intimate rooms either. If the company is right, do you really care?

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    I have always liked this place for some reason.... sure it is not the best decorated place in town.. but I don't really go for the decorations.. do you?

    Ariel is my current fav MP. She just has a great way about her... makes you feel comfortable... and is VERY talented.

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