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Thread: Nickole in Duncan

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    Nickole in Duncan

    Has anybody had the pleasure of spending time with her? I was thinking of getting in contact, and am curious.

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    Avoid like the plague; you might catch something worse than the plague. I've never even considered contacting her as I see her on the street with her "male partner" and they're both wastes of skin. She's going as "Victoria" on LL now and certainly doesn't look anywhere near as good as some of the pics. Last I saw her and her friend a few days ago, slumped against a curb near the TCH - Burger King area... in the morning.
    See here:
    And here:
    The "search" function here is your friend.!

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    I have also seen her on the streets. Very much agree.

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    poor woman...saw her today (not in that context), and she is fooked, unless she gets some serious help and rehab, she won't be around for long

    it's sad to see how far people can fall

    i don't know what to suggest

    maybe legalise prostitution, collect that tax revenue and set up regional centres for addiction and abused women, and maybe educational courses to enable wimmin to leave the industry with a qualification that will lead to gainful employment

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    Very Sad to read !
    WE have a few in QB .
    Never seen a SP yet , but As I view these poor laddies , they are so out of it somedayz .

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