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Thread: Using hyperbolistic adjectives in titles and captions?

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    Using hyperbolistic adjectives in titles and captions?

    I see titles like spellbinding, OMG, addictive, best experience ever and so on by posters.

    We all have our opinions which aren't usually objective; however, I feel this treads on a different plain.

    For me, when I see these kinds of posts whether it's here or in social media, I first think they're clickbait, "slimy ads" and "fake news". Of course, 90% of Canadians have admitted to being fooled by "fake news

    What are your thoughts, if any when you see these captions?

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    My choice of the adjective «spellbinding» in the title line of a review I wrote for Eve 2030 was far less attention seeking clickbait as it was indicative of my near perfect experience with her, and the lingering withdrawal effects afterward. I do concede though that I thought about what word to use, and that I wanted it to be original, and eye-catching. Behind this care and consideriation is also, perhaps, a subconscious desire to write a post, and title that many will stop on,read through, and engage in. A bit of attention seeking in there as well as a desire to contribute, for certain. Not least of all, the over the top (not in my opinion) title, and review are accolades to the provider in recognition of her attitude, looks and service. Enchanting, captivating, entrancing all would have done the trick, and accurately describe my experience too.
    Personally, when I see «GOAT» ,«Epic», «*ATF*», etc, it makes me equally skeptical and curious.

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    Not much different than eBay. Look at the feedback. "AAA++++ buyer" etc. Exaggeration become the norm, so you have to exaggerate further to achieve emphasis. Hyperbolic language is a standard on the Internet.

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    Yeah, boring annoying titles indeed. My suggestion is to max out on the number of words you can use, essentially summarize the most relevant points in the least generic fashion possible.

    Case in point from a sadly deleted thread:


    Let’s take a typical example title, where the addition of “highly recomment!” Just sounds shilly.

    “Bianca Bailey 8608 - highly recommend!”

    Just remove the “highly recommend!” part and replace it thusly:

    Bianca Bailey 8608/[email protected] ex porn star, 5’4/140/b’s CBJ DATO, blond GFE(LFK), squirts, loves cowgirl & thumb-in-ass & electric anal probe

    Obviously this is over the permitted length, but you get the idea of range of things to pick and choose from that you can include.

    One must keep in mind the variety of readers who would see something like CBJ and LFK, so the BBBJ and DFK crowd would not have to waste their time reading further. Whereas for me, I see “highly recommend!” and I don’t even bother reading.

    For the revised title, the squirt-appreciation crowd’s ears would certainly perk up. The BDSM crowd might be interested in the anal probe part. For customers who demand the girl like her job, “loves cowgirl” conveys enthusiasm and non-fakery. Blonds have more fun than time-wasting brunettes and impatient hotheaded redheads. Price, location, height/weight/titsize... all the good stuff in a single line of text!
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