I do not accept calls from unknown numbers as I need to be able to phone back from a different Line This is a Wi-Fi app and it’s a very poor app but I’m unwilling to post my personal number. I am also not glued to my cell phone I do not consider their friend and would rather not use it at all however life has begun you head this way and I have to use my cell phone so if you need an answer to a question sooner rather than later please phone that’s how I was just sending a text I will hear the phone ring and it will get my attention much faster than I will hear a text notification.

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Was It A Dream or . . .
As She sits up and stretches. Yawns and reaches to wipe the sleep from her eyes. She notices how fast she is breathing So Fast and heavy she can barely catch her breath. The sweat is dripping from her forehead she can feel it land in the crevice of her cleavage. Dripping down the side of her breast and over Her throbbing hard nipple. DRIPPING over her throbbing hard HUGE VERY HUGE nipples

She attempts to gain her composer as the phone is ringing…. She can't answer the phone panting so hard it sounds like she’s been running a marathon….

She continues to have visual after visual after hot steamy visual and begins to remember the events of the night before or was it just a dream ? If so, what an intense dream that must have been …

The voice on the other end of the phone says “Good morning ~ you missed our coffee date this morning, her girlfriend Rhonda said…. You never miss Saturday morning coffee date. He must have been a lot of fun and by the way how’d it turn out with your new neighbors moving in. ? Are they cool or do you want to run away as fast as you can cuz living next door is going to be No Fun…. Rhonda says, Laughing Sassily

As soon as Rhonda mentions her new neighbors Sarah drifts off in her mind again

As she attempts to figure out what just happened she can feel the sweat intensifying ~ Flowing off her forehead like a river.. ~ soaking the Front of her negligee.. She can feel the sweat drip off the side her nipples and onto her pelvic…
She still has not caught her breath her cheeks are flush. They are now the same pale pink as that special spot between her legs….

Was it a Dream she questions.. What a Vivid Dream this

Who is he.?.. and Who is She…. ?

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My photos are recent one or two maybe a year old and need to be pulled but most of them are within the past couple months. Some as recent as last week and no they are not photoshopped those nipples are mine.