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Thread: ebike or scooter?

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    I looked at kits too....because I'm a really cheap bastard! I had to pass as my donor bike! Not so much the frame etc, it was just that with the extra speed and weight of an e-drive unit and battery, the bargain brakes weren't going to be up to the job. Not to mention that I'm not exactly the most attentive guy in the world, I figured I'd get a bike with good brakes and save myself a trip to the ER. So far so good though. The earth flattening torque makes one not avoid hills or routes that are safer but harder to climb. The speed lets you get out of intersections real fast and back onto bike paths etc.

    I feel guilty as F when I come up on fully suited up dudes on roadbikes at a stoplight before a hill. I have to creep up and ask if I can jump in front cause I'm gonna haul up the hill ahead. They get it, they've seen ebikes before and don't mind if you get out of their way by pulling away.

    I'm kind of a tubby slob so nobody mistakes my speed on the bike as being manually powered.

    If you end up on e-bike review on'll fall into a hole of 10,000 videos. Long, but you'll get to know what you should get.

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    I have had ebikes and scooters from 50cc, 125cc, 171cc and now ride a 278cc Forza scooter. I gave up on bicycles because I got tired of playing dodgeball with cars. If you think it survival of the fittest on the roads get at least 150cc to 200cc because they can outpace most cars under 45mph.

    If you end up liking scooters, you will be amazed at what a single piston 250cc-300cc will do. I pass cars on the freeways and think to myself what a single piston is capable of.
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    Thanks to all of you.... now I’m thinking more about an ebike. Thinking in the up to 3000$ range. I don’t need to go 50km a hour and will use it mostly on the galloping goose here in Victoria.

    Anyone heard anything good or bad about the IGO brand?

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    This old man just bought a Honda Helix 250 scooter . It took me 100 clicks to learn a scooter over a M/C . So different . I ride dirt , Honda 250,350xl,450 CFR, 500CR , Street bikes, 3 quads also . nice quick comfy ride , need a M/C License for all my rides. 50cc gas , person = no license , BIKE needs one & insurance $$$ BC= (Bring Cash & Lots)

    E-scooters If made in China , I see they are one shot , trying to find parts and the correct one is a pain .

    Im a young kids instructor for boys and girls , We have had many given to the club .
    Honda is my first choice in a parts view ,, Pricy , but around , Yam / kaw/ Suzuki in that order for older parts .

    As with a real E-bike , I don't know , Just the battery's are needed to be looked after till Li-ion 48V as I use on my golf-cart (I don't golf) ranch transportation..

    Lots of good info in the thread

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    If you get a gas scooter, look for a used one on Craigslist or such as you can get them for around $1000-$1500 usually and sometimes cheaper. Stick with a name brand like Honda or Yamaha for ease of service and parts. Also even a 50cc is legal on all highways except highway 1 as long as you can do 60kph on a flat.

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    2015 ktm 300 ec-w

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmjoff View Post
    Curious had this discussion the other day at the pub...

    Does under 50cc gas need a license?

    Over 750 watt ebike need a license?
    According to ICBC

    No license required and you can drive in the bike lanes for any electric bike under 750w
    - it must have pedals,
    - you must wear a bike helmet
    - it cannot go faster than 32 km/hr

    A gas powered scooter or moped or an ebike with a motor greater than 750w but less than 1500w is considered a limited speed motorcycle and it does not need to be registered
    - You need either a valid drivers license, or a a moped operators permit
    - you are not allowed to drive in the bike lanes, even if it has pedals.
    - It cannot go faster than 70 km/hr

    A gas powered scooter/moped/motorcycle, or an e-cycle with a motor greater than 1500w or that is capable of exceeding 70 km/hr is considered a motorcycle and requires a motorcycle license and you must wear a motorcycle helmet.
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    All depends from you money and preferences. For example, for me better is scooter. An electric scooter that folds became a popular gift item in the early 2000s. I decided to buy after reading article about electric scooters on I am the owner of Glion Dolly 215.
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    I'll take a Pinarello over any ebikes any day

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