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Thread: Has anyone visited aroon sawat authentic thai massage

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    Has anyone visited aroon sawat authentic thai massage

    Has anyone visited this massage place?

    aroon sawat authentic thai massage

    I texted but its a land line, appreciate any information,
    Room rates?
    PM for anything above a massage

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    Used to be Noi’s A1 Thai Massage, Lilly bought the business off of Noi Harper, Lilly has gone by a few names, Nicky and Lek. She has Lake working with her, both ladies have been reviewed, in the past, nothing lately though.

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    Thanks Vanisle
    I visited Aroon spa today, it’s on Franklyn street so the old timers on here know it as Noi
    Yes the owner goes by Nicky now, there were three older women present.
    I was told to go with a women named Green
    I have read reviews of Green so I am not sure if this is the same women
    She has a tattoo on her left breast of a squirrel?
    Room fee $60
    When I enquired about extras I was asked have you been here before I said no
    She said HJ $60 and nothing else.
    So this is an older establishment, looks and feels old but clean
    Washroom was clean although toilet and shower are same room
    Lots of hot water, took me a while to figure out hot and cold.
    Room was okay a bed not massage table
    Not sure where Green learned massage but OMG her massage is so far the best I have received
    So far in Nanaimo, it was very deep and hard, you know when you have to hold your breath.
    She did ask if it was too hard, especially after I gasped

    She also uses the massage technique where her hands feel like a wave rolling along the body
    I don’t get that to often, so again excellent

    I even told her about my sore knee and she fixed it up better than a natural path.
    Very little talk apart from asking about the pressure.
    Hand job was also one of the best so far in Nanaimo.
    None of this beat the stick crap, but very nice lots of teasing and many older women can do a thumb like a tongue.

    So if an RMT is 10 she be a strong 8 almost a 9
    If HJ is your thing a solid 8
    No nudity which was disappointing, but this my first visit so hopefully she warms up on the second
    Establishment old and clean three star hotel plus
    I will not get into looks these are All older women over 40.
    I will repeat and see if more is offered.

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    @ Finewine60
    Great info , Nice to read Tks


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