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    Dana @ LH

    Booked a session to see Dana yesterday. Pretty face and short, got to be 5'1, maybe 5'2 tops. Nice looking enhanced breasts. English was okay, communication was not an issue. Standard shower with a short BBBJ. Went to the bed and asked to lie face down, where she proceeded to lick and suck on various parts of my legs, ass, back and arms. Flipped over and continued the same on the front. She also did some titty fucking for about 30 seconds. Some more BBBJ commenced which led to 69. Great oral skills with lots of suction, almost accidentally came in her mouth lol. Started on cowgirl and finished in missionary. Moans quite a a bit.

    L - 9
    A - 9
    S - 9

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    I’d have to agree 100% Dana is a beauty and great to visit will be returning only tough part is Erika and Dana are both fantastic , tough to pick one, wish they’d allow them to be together

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    Could someone share their guess on Dana's Height (5'2"?) weight and age?

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    No such thing as "accidentally" cumming in a girls mouth, if its meant to be, its meant to be ! LOL! Pop For Fuck sake !

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