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Thread: Britney - Bait/Switch

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    Britney - Bait/Switch

    Hey everyone, full disclosure I estimated a high probability of this happening, so I'm not really upset by it. But thought I'd do a PSA just encase anyone else went there.

    The contact number matched an Asian MP on Kijiji. I requested "Britney" both in text and when I arrived. Paid my $80 upfront. Instead was seen by not a fair skinned, busty 25 year old Asian but a darker toned Asian auntie likely 45+. Massage was short lived but surprisingly decent, included some between leg massage teasing, then follow by her on the table with me. She suggested getting undressing for $20, I agreed. A bit of body on body, then the flip. Standard jack hammer finish from this type of establishment,did the trick.

    I was in/out within 25 minutes. Total cost $100. Again not upset, I figured this would happen but it was close by and felt like getting off quickly. I've blown money on far worse.

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    Ahh you met Sara.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattrick View Post
    Ahh you met Sara.
    or maybe Berlyn ? Some of these places make up fictitious names so it looks as if 3 or 4 ladies are available but there are only 2 ladies always there.

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    The routine sounds like Sara.

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    I have not had this problem with any of the storefront AMPs I have visited. I haven't seen that ad before on Kijiji either. The map in the ad seemed to show a downtown location. Can you say whether it was an apartment setup or a storefront "spa" massage place?

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