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Thread: Rose Delacourt - perfectly reviewed and gorgeous athlete - July 9th to 12th

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    Rose Delacourt - perfectly reviewed and gorgeous athlete - July 9th to 12th

    Youíve heard of me, youíve read about me and you might have even dreamed of me. Nothing has quite prepared you for the reality of meeting me face to face. I open the door and it hits you all at once; like the exhilarating feeling of a cold shower but combined with the warmth and wonder that comes while watching day melt into night during a beautiful ocean sunset. Truly breathtaking.

    You come in, still nervous but more sure of your choice now. Itís like Iíve been expecting you all day and maybe I have. It is a welcome of a friend who hasnít seen you in a long time. My warmth surrounds you. My delicate smell of vanilla and citrus, my enchanting voice asking you how your day is going and my smile intoxicate you. Nothing about me screams discomfort, or shyness. Youíre even surprised that I exude such confidence at such a young age. You take a second to look at me, really look at me. I am pouring you a glass of water while wearing the most exquisite lingerie. You can tell Iím an athlete. My legs and arms are toned and muscular, while my soft skin and beautiful curves belie that I am completely feminine. A paradox you yearn to explore.

    I sit down next to you and it begins: a new friendship, a beautiful connection, a love story.

    Hello my sweethearts, my name is Rose, as you probably already know. I am 23 years old turning on 40. I've been your muse, your girlfriend, your paramour, your confidante, your best friend, your passionate soulmate for the past 3 wonderful years. You've read it, but you better believe it : I LOVE WHAT I DO. That's what makes me so different. I am funny, clumsy, cute, innocent-looking, adorable while being sexy and confident. I am the perfect mix between naughty and sweet. I might be youthful, but I sure know how to entertain a gentleman such a you. I think it's about time we meet. Shall we?

    Since Winnipeg is a scary city to work in, I will require a recent reference or a 100$ deposit

    AVAILABILITIES IN WINNIPEG (I host near Portage and Main)
    also available for duos with Maria de Montreal, starting at 600$/h

    Tuesday July 9th: 10pm to 11pm
    Wednesday July 10th: 10am to 12:30pm & 2:30pm to 6pm
    Thursday July 11th: 1pm to 3:30pm & 5:30pm to 8:30pm
    Friday July 12th: 12pm to 10pm

    Wanna get to know me more? Twitter
    My email is : [email protected]
    My website is:

    My rates are :
    1 hour Ė 300$
    1.5 hours - 500$
    2 hours - 600$
    3 hours - 800$
    4 hours - 1000$
    Overnight - 2500$

    *SPECIAL DINNER DATE PACKAGE* (2hours of social outing + 2 hours of intimate time) - 900$

    Wanna put an extra big smile on my face? I always appreciate a bag of fresh espresso beans, dark chocolate or even organic olive oil. I pretty much survive on coffee, food and love.

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    available tomorrow and Friday!

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    Last spot tonight 7pm!
    Available tomorrow 1pm to 8:30p

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