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Thread: Sydney Abbotsford

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    Sydney Abbotsford

    Anyone seen Sydney in Abbotsford.
    Canít find any information from on her


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    Bump, bump

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    How is she? $70 specials?

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    Seen her a while ago. She is a big girl, but pretty and good at what she does.
    I went for 30 minutes, and was out of there in 20 minutes, but I left happy.
    She did cim and I found her quite pleasant.
    Nice discreet in all.

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    I've tried twice to meet with her but no go both times. I think that's it for me. She's very slow to respond to texts and even after we agreed to an appointment, when it came time to confirm and get the address she ended up ghosting me. If I wanted to work this hard for sex I'd just chase after civilians. Just to be clear I'm referring to Sydney 6696.
    I'm not a pirate...

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