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Thread: I Have An Issue that Requires Serious Immediate Attention.

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    I Have An Issue that Requires Serious Immediate Attention.

    I know it looks like a lot to read but really it would take you all of 60 seconds and there are answers to some FAQ

    I do my best to get back to everyone. sometimes I am unable to. I have a regular day job where I work a lot of overtime.

    * * * THIS IS A CRAPPY WiFi App. * * *
    I also don't always receive messages and have recently learned that all of mine are not always received also ..Cyber Space Decides to Eat them ... If you want a guaranteed response and for it to be quicker, you are best off to call me Plz... The reception can also be v. P
    oor So I NEED to be able to call you back from my Private Personal Number...

    Also when I book a client for a session I no longer respond to any messages. I now spend my time and attention getting ready to meet with them. When they are here the same goes. That Gentleman has paid for a service and within that service my time and attention is expected and should be and is focused on them and only them.
    Please don't assume I'm ignoring you
    I Do Not Answer Blocked or Unknown Numbers


    Who Is She You Ask ?

    �� She's My Best Friend I Said...

    My HoT & Hungry ~ Lovely Lonely Lil Kitty Needzzz Special Attention

    She Needzzzzz Massaging Too... M E O W W

    Yeah SHE Does....

    Who Is She You ask... ?

    "She Is My Best Friend" I Said...

    My Lil K_ _ T Y..

    She Can Be Sooooo Shy..

    BUT She can Also be Coaxed Out To PlŠaay

    She is so CLEAN and Well-Groomed...

    She is Fresh-smelling and

    Ohhh Sooo Sweet Tas ting...

    Yup My Lil K- - ty Is So S uite Tas t'ng...

    She Tastezzz Just Like Candy....

    SHE Is Ohhhh Sooo H O T and HUNGRY ...

    She is Soo Hot

    that She's Dr' ping W'het.

    Yes My Best Friend Is

    Drippng W'het H O T.

    She is in GREAT Shape and

    L uvvvs To Exercise...

    My Lil K _ _ T _ Y

    Needzzz a Good Workout...

    My Best Friend Luvs to Tease


    She Luvs To Be Teased Even More ...

    But My Lil Kitty Izzz Sooooo L ownely, She Has No one to Plaeh with..

    Ohhhh She Is Ohhhh Soooo

    L ownely... :-(

    She Needzzzzz Someone To CuⓂ out and PlŠa

    My Lil K I T - Y

    Izzz Also So Curious.. Ohhhh She Izzz Oh So Curious

    * * * * * What Itzzz Like To PlŠ * * * *

    w /Another Pretty Lil KI _TY ! ! ! ! ! * * * * *

    But Best Of All .....

    My Lil KI__Y and

    My Best Friend Izzzzz

    Do You Know What She Is... ?


    Whatzzz BEST About Her Izzzz ⁉

    She is Sooo T eye' T ❗

    She Is Ohhh So, SOOOOO...


    * * *Because I am mature and in my S x You'l Prime I am Also VERY into the experience.... Very much into it...As much as you or MORE ❗ so it is NON ~ RUSHED

    AUTHENTIC ~ G erl F friend Experience. The hour will often be longer....(Not promised but often is..) I do not have a clock ticking in the background with the buzzer beeping and saying "your hour is up
    If we are still connecting when the hour is up, we will continue to connect.

    I like our time together to follow the natural progression of the act. . . What would happen Naturally at the end of a date, if we can were lucky or Blessed to make it to the bedroom ~ or ~ Kitchen Couter ~ Hallway Floor or In The Shower Getting W ' het Together...

    Plz Call or Text (604) 343 ~ 5202 My phone is not always turned on but I do my best to get back to your messages as soon as possible.. If I am available and on, I will respond. I also have a regular day job is that I am often at but i can also usually work around most time request. all you do is try. It won't hurt to ask.
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    Yes Tonight Has Found Myself So Worked Up. So H O T I'm Dripping W het with Heat and My Toys just aren't Working Tonight .. My Like Kitty Wantzzz / Needzzz The REAL Thing.

    I Have A Couple Fantasy's Yet To Be Fulfilled ~ or Just Some Good Ol' Fashioned Hard Pounding works

    I DONOT Answer Unknown Numbers
    A Wise Woman Once Said F*"$ This Shi# and She Lived Happily Ever After..

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