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    Jasmine 62

    First time poster and new to the site. I usually just read the reviews but I had to write one on the session I had with Jasmine! Her pictures definitely dont do her justice she is amazingly beautiful with a positive attitude to go along with her looks. I was extremely nervous but she calmed me down with a bit of chating and a few kisses. I wont go into to much detail of our session but lets just say she knows what shes doing!

    Ive never experienced a sensual domination before but always wanted too! Once we started there was no doubt on who was in control. She definitely took me to a place that Ive never been, the eye contact was amazing and definitely got lost in them.

    Once we were done we chatted for a bit, then she offered me a shower to get my self cleaned up.

    I got to say this was a definite highlight of my life! I would 1000% recommend her she is professional and definitely gets into the session. I know Ill definitely be rebooking and I cant wait to see what she comes up with next.

    Thanks again Jasmine!

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    There's just something about a tall woman who is comfortable with her height. :-)

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    I was wondering if someone would please pass on her info? Thanks

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