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Thread: Myla 0082

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    Myla 0082

    Anyone have intel on her?

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    Quirky, fun girl.
    Lame massage
    But enjoyed the extras

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    Anyone else have a review?

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    Like Victoria guy said. Lame massage but she has a great body and allows some touching and more. I didn't go for extra's but she does offer more if she's comfortable with you or regular visits i take it ? She seemed to rush to get to the flip and HE.

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    Didn't she advertise as an escort a while back with being half japanese?

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    I actually thought the massage was decent given the real reason for the visit!

    Quirky, yes but refreshingly so for my tastes. Gorgeous body, and knows how to wield it. We hit it off well, will definitely repeat when the time permits.

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