I’m passionate about sharing my gifts with you. I feel most alive when I’m giving sensual loving touch; I allow love and bliss to flow through my body into yours, opening every cell to higher states of ecstasy and enjoyment…inspiring you to be more sensitive and present with everyone in your life.

Each session is tailored to your desires… I offer the most exquisite sensual, playful bodywork. Or you might wish to open up about what’s going on in your life. We could learn Tantric practices of expanded bliss, or even explore a hidden fantasy. No matter what, I am here to co-create our divine experience of:

~ Deep Presence

~ Joyful Playfulness

~ Sensuous Connection

~ Nurturing & Pampering

~ Spontaneous Adoration

~ Ecstatic Awakening to Our Divinity

No amount of money could buy my genuine caring for you. You are offering an exchange for my time, extensive training, and private, beautiful North Vancouver studio, located near Lonsdale Quay.

Session Offerings/Rates: (see website for women/couples sessions)

1.5-2 hrs CMT Sensual Bodywork - $300/1.5 hrs, $400/2 hrs.

Let the rest of the world melt away as I use my angel hands and unhidden feminine body to dissolve tension from head to toe, with genuine Deep Tissue and Swedish strokes combined with sensual teasing and intuitive wisdom. I coax you into deep relaxation, mindful breathing, and pleasure.

Expansive Tantra Experience (90 Minute Minimum) $300/90 min, $400/2 hrs, $500/2.5 hrs, $500/3 hrs.
Longer sessions available.

In a Tantra session, I focus on genuine connection and add bodywork, breath, communication, and conscious sensuality.

There are many reasons for seeking a Tantra session. I can structure the session to meet any or all of the below intentions:


Expand into pure, full-body sensation. The goal is not to get somewhere or achieve something, but to relax into the pleasure and bliss that is already there. I inspire a deep connection to yourself, your desires, and your capacity for FEELING. Sensuality-fully feeling the tantalizing senses-is an excellent way to awaken and be fully alive.


Tantra Teachings can enhance your sensual life and help overcome performance challenges.
This session can include delicious sensual bodywork of any length - AND:
~Learn how to extend pleasure, using simple practices and fun games

~Uncover your desires and clear shame
~Learn how to touch a woman (sensually, not sexually) the way that SHE wants, for YOUR pleasure, so both people are receiving and enjoying. (Detailed instruction is usually only available for repeat visitors)

~Maintain conscious awareness while in pleasure-so we can connect as deeply as possible to ourselves and to each other.


I believe that what makes sensuality-and anything else- sacred is that we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. Powerful techniques can help us clear physical, emotional, and energetic blocks, enhance vitality, creativity, and assist in manifesting our desires in the rest of our lives. The possibilities are endless. Please tell me what you want to create.

Sessions for Couples and Women

I LOVE working with couples and women! See my website for a variety of offerings.

Fantasy Exploration 1-2 Hrs, $300/Hr

We can learn a lot about ourselves through exploring parts of our psyche’s that we usually hide - let me help you uncover yourself. See my website for more details…

1-2 Hours - Double Goddess Ceremony $500/Hr

This session can include a 4 handed massage, a demonstration on how to give a woman a sensual massage, and Partner Tantra practices.

Sensual Coaching – Receive Ongoing Support.

Transforming your sensual life can be easier with ongoing support. I co-create custom programs to assist you in creating lasting change. See my website for more details.

Contact and Scheduling:

Before contacting me, decide what you want to experience. Look at my website, including the contact page and screening process.
Advanced booking preferred. 24 hr cancellation policy. Outcall in Vancouver only with a $100 fee. Ask me how to pay by credit card.