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Thread: Awindfall Massage

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    Awindfall Massage

    New massage place at 1625 Ellis advertising on kijiji.

    I don't know if they're dirty, but I fucking hope so.

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    I see they offer a 45 minute breast massage for $79.99. I wonder if they are hiring?

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    > I don't know if they're dirty, but I fucking hope so.

    I haven't been there (yet) either. But their ad says, "head to toe massage." My privates are located somewhere between my head and toes! So it could be.

    Nobody has tried this place?

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    Not as yet - but super curious!

    I would temper our expectations however - their website looks to be more 'legit' than most holistic spas - though the use of language is a bit uneven...

    Someone TOFTT and fill us in :-)

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    There used to be a legit acupuncture place in that location; looks like they've modified the website.

    Now it's open evenings and a sign on the door says "walk-ins welcome."

    So, we'll see . . .

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    Based on the website and the level of detail put into their advertisements I’m going to say this place probably only offers a vanilla services but I could be wrong. I’ve seen many RMTs that advertise “head to toe massage” and there are never any chances of a stop in fun town. The walk-in welcome and open late advertisements are intriguing so maybe...?? Im hoping to book in the next week or so and will report back but I’m skeptical going in, a good massage either way is always enjoyable though and prices seem pretty good. Fingers crossed I guess LOL

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    They have a very legit Facebook page to with online booking and reviews... I’m still going to book but I’d suggest nobody do anything stupid while you’re there

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    The thing I find strange is that they claim to have been in business for 7 years but I've never heard of them till now and all their reviews are recent. The reviewers seem fake and something just seems odd about their website. I'm super curious wtf is going on in there Might pop in tomorrow morning and I'll report back.

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    I'm thinking that a place that offers Infant massage is probably just strictly a massage clinic. There are over a doz ladies on Leolist, most were previously on BP. I don't get why you wouldn't be able to find someone from there and know for sure what you will receive with your massage. Just my thoughts.

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    In a city of somewhat limited quality options, a new borderline legit operation that offers HE would be pretty exciting. As noted however, we should temper our expectations until someone can confirm. I agree with Cleric69 that there is something off about their website - 5 out of 5 for every review isn't realistic...

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    I travel all over for work. Considering the size of Kelowna the selection and quality here is actually pretty decent. I see a couple awesome ladies here. If you prefer a non Asian woman, like myself some smaller cities have nothing. I have not seen many borderline operations anywhere I've traveled. ( other than Asian ) Im sure larger cities Vancouver/Toronto/Calgary probably do.

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    All right gentlemen, I can confirm that it is strictly a massage clinic I popped in this morning for a 60min relaxation massage with Tina and there was not a hint of anything extra possibly going on. The massage was not that great and something seemed off about the whole place... wouldn't be surprised if it was some kinda money laundering op.

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    Thank you Cleric69 for TOFTT. Sorry it didn't turn out to be more satisfying.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    I had already booked when cleric69 posted his review (thanks very much BTW), I wish I had gone somewhere else. I totally agree with your review though. Something just seems “off” about the place. When I booked An Asian man answered and required that I leave my phone number (not sure why they don’t have caller ID but I left a fake # regardless), he didn’t speak English very well and seemed a bit confused on the booking process. When my appointment day came I had already read Clerics review so was disappointed to begin with. Walked in and an elderly Asian woman greeted me at the desk, she spoke very broken English and was hard to understand, again very confused on the booking process and didn’t seem to understand that I had booked an appointment beforehand. Younger somewhat attractive masseuse (I didn’t catch her name) took me to the room, lights on but my little head was in control so my Hopes were up. She was very nice and we had a good laugh out of the google home not understanding her requests to play relaxing music lol. Not a great massage with no chance of HE, I ended up being in more pain after the massage than I was before, plus my balls were blue so that sucked.

    Young masseuse had a convo with me as I left, said they were just starting out as a business and that there would be more “things to come.” I’m not sure what that meant but perhaps something will come from this place in the future, I have my doubts though. Some might like this style of massage but I wasn’t for me, even for the cheaper price tag. If you’re looking for a HE go to our other place on Ellis or going to see Dezaree or Cass would be my recommendation.

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