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Thread: Toronto's Hottest Tattooed Babe Shalom Harloe 7/16-18 discount ends 7/13

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    Toronto's Hottest Tattooed Babe Shalom Harloe 7/16-18 discount ends 7/13

    Dearest Gentlemen of Vancouver,

    I can't wait to get to know you and your lovely city in July! Since this is my first time visiting Vancouver I thought I'd offer a very special- special. ;-)

    Take an extra 10% off (30% total) an encounter of 4+ hours and let's indulge all our senses and enjoy the best Vancouver has to offer. Have a favourite restaurant? The perfect hiking/picnic spot? Love to go to galleries or museums? Or just feeling like doing some shopping? I'm a city girl who loves to get outside and I am up for just about anything as long as there is great conversation and beautiful weather. Show me your favourite part of your city and then head back to my hotel for dessert.

    Don't know me yet? I'm the original tattooed luxury companion, one of the finest ladies in the city, a coffee lover, art and history nerd, hedonist, Alt Model, rabble rouser, whiskey drinker, spiritualist, sensual magician, head turner, vivacious bombshell and so much more. A very well established lady with a killer reputation and even better talent for providing the very best experiences ever.

    I'll be gone when the summer ends and you will be left with nothing but regret! So don't miss your chance to get lost in the moment with a true trendsetting, head turning, one of a kind, wild thing with a heart of gold. The summer will be over before you know it and so will our chance to indulge together.

    1 hour: 350
    90 min: 400
    2 hours: 500
    3 hours: 600

    20% discount available for Gentlemen who book before July 13th.
    'Show me the sites' 30% for 4 hours or more, discount ends July 13th. Limited spots for extended bookings so message me today!

    Vancouver 2019:
    July 16, 17, 18

    Fill out my contact form, get screened and let the fun begin. You will not regret getting a chance to be with me, but you will definitely regret missing the opportunity.

    Find my contact form here: or send me an email, and don't forget your screening info! [email protected]

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    It's rainy in Toronto today but it will be HOT in Vancouver in July. Let's get sweaty together! Send me a message today.


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    Preparing for the weekend the right way.

    You can join me in Vancouver but only if you send your message soon!

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    Careful!! Killer curves ahead. Proceed with caution, to my email address and let's get lost together.

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    Happy Monday Lovers!

    Sometimes you need a pop of colour even if the only people who see it are you and 1 lucky gentleman.

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