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Thread: Sweet Quinn at SVIPS

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    Sweet Quinn at SVIPS

    My Incall With Quinn

    I buzz the door, my heart beats with trepidation, door clicks, a little hand waves, and I'm in... Quinn greets with a generous kiss, door clicks closed, I start to breath again. Quinn is gorgeous, petite and perfect. I take a deep breath, heart beat quickens, I feel a rush in my groin. Then that sweet calming hand glides me down the corridor to the safety of our room.

    Quinn has a disarming shyness, almost humility, that just calls for closeness. Lingerie melts away exposing her pert fresh body. Her gentle confidence, touch, and sweet lips unreservedly draw our bodies together. My hands slip around her waist to rounded firm buttocks as she pulls us close.

    Passion unleashes, she motions me onto the bed, in a tangle of arms, legs and bodies writhing together. My tongue seeks every crevice, around her neck to lightly suck her ear....she moans. Then down her slim body, pausing to savour her firm nipples, and then further to her delectable garden. Quinn's legs spread, my tongue circles her labia and paints her clitoris with a light touch, but soon my mouth envelopes all.... she moans deeply.

    All the time she holds me firmly, I feel my cock swelling as her rhythm quickens, and then her mouth is on me. I inhale and exhale to breathlessness for endless minutes. In a dream, she mounts me, and her slowly gyrating hips consume me, her breasts moving sensuously, close to me.

    It's all too much, I gasp, we giggle...phew, back down to earth.

    Not for long though, Quinn's seductive eyes beckon me back to her exquisite body. Soixante neuf, she's on top. Oh, what a gloriously luscious pussy......please don't stop. My tongue dips, and fingers follow her wet passage, she moves, slowly, I feel the deep moans. We turn to face each other, her exquisite lips meet mine.... our tongues dance.

    My cock hardens, her grip tightens, she rubs me against her divine valley, hardness parts her lips, her tight pussy sucks me in. We move in synchrony, bodies as one, slowly at first, paces quickens I yield to rapture, overwhelmed and lost in endless ecstasy. We pump hard, Quinn pulling me in deeper, bodies throbbing together, pulsating, muscles tense and we unleash everything we have.

    Sweet in so many ways. Thank you Quinn

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    I was thinking of seeing Quinn for a while, but not after reading this review.

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    GQ1 you have already stated you didn't like VIPS because Charlotte didn't let you pound her as hard as you liked so your negative contributions to positive reviews of VIPS ladies is getting old.
    Red Baron

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    Sweet VIP is great in all ways, even making bad experiences correct with the right approach.. but that review is a bit corny as described. Sounds like a story from the old forum from Penthouse..... fantasy

    Can’t wait till the next party !!

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    Review may be corny but the girl is great

    She is not the sexy seductress, but has a homely charm to her. Down to earth and pretty (and those cute freckles).

    I ended up extending my time with her because it was so refreshing to be with a real person rather than a persona. Will see her again soon.

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    Ya, I was referring to the way the review was written....

    Sometimes I do believe these reviews are posted from the ladies themselves, or co-workers for exposure through perb. Which to me is quite all right, but be realistic as the ^^^ review relates. Tell us a little about the lady and service does more than a made up fantasy story... only to book and find something quite different..
    for me, I go to the parties, and decide on the future bookings from seeing the girls in person, and talking with some to get acquainted a bit... it just works for me without spending huge money... and the parties are so much fun and sexy !!

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