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Thread: Penticton Feral 2362

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    Penticton Feral 2362

    I've been seeing Feral in Penticton for awhile now. Nice incall in a carriage house, has a massage table and she offers a pretty good back rub. Ymmv, but I have fun with her every time I go. Interesting look, tall goth/suicide girl. Tons of tattoos and piercings. Man made chest. Super nice attitude, very eager to please. PM for details.

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    I thought she quit as she hasn't posted an ad in ages.
    she was definitely in my top 3.

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    Yeah, I had thought the same. Just did a LL search and nothing came up.

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    Chloe in penticton runs out of the same incall, when i was there last i seen a poster of feral, i asked about her and she said shes still seeing gents, but only a few regulars.....

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    so there is no chance of seeing her then??

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    I'm trying to pm you but its not working. Can you send message me info

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    So I know I'm brand new to the forum, and this is my first post. But I did think this is worth mentioning. Through Pm with Blade356 I recieved Feral's contact info and gave her a shout. Well, she was not impressed to say the least, long story short she said she's been retired for a very long time and does not see anyone. Too bad because she looks stunning but there it is.

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    She was the hottest babe ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rawjack View Post
    She is still seeing, her regulars, but yes not happy her number was posted here.
    Hey...this is actually not correct. I'm now retired..

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    Sorry that happened to you, feral.

    Thankfully, I think your number was shared with just a couple of people.

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    Welp, guess we just move on

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