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Thread: Destiny at SVIP my new #1 in my opinion

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    Destiny at SVIP my new #1 in my opinion

    Where to start, I decided to take and Evening Ride on the Harley to Victoria, i do not live in the City.
    At the last minute called SVIP and asked if there was any one in house that i could see asap. The phone Lady recommended Destiny.
    I had no real idea what to expect but I have never had a bad experience at SVIP.
    I was greeted at the door by a drop Dead gorgeous woman.

    Destiny is tall 5' 11" with out heals, she has legs that seem to go on forever and they do, to a perfectly shaped tight and toned ass, a flat mid section and beautiful breast Perky Natural D's. A Lovely set of coconuts. She has a great smile, a beautiful face, gorgeous blue eyes and hair past her shoulders.
    Kissing skills are fantastic, BJ skills and BLS skill both top notch.

    Lots of Positions, Looking at that ass while pounding her from behind was incredible
    After 2 rounds both of us we very sweaty.If this was just gfe visit, I can not even imagine what Destiny could to to me during a PSE visit.
    I thought i was doing a porn star.

    I left there with huge smile on my face, week in the knees and ready for a nap.
    I will be repeating on my Next Ride to Victoria
    This is at the top of all my visits to any Lady.
    This is the number #1, the connection was perfect, YMMV but it was perfect for me!

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    Thank you for sharing such a monumental experience.

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    Thanks for the review…I usually don't visit the girls with LFK only, might have to branch out and test the waters with Ms. Destiny.

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    Heard similar description about Natasha at BoA, who was also 5'11," has anyone seen both?

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    Thanks for the intel, always Great to hear BLS and BJ are quality.

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