It had been a while since I visited SVIP (lord only knows why). On my initial return I played it safe and booked Piper, who looked amazing as usual and hasn't lost her personal touch- such a beautiful lady! Wanting to see what other treasures might open that heavenly door on Douglas street I booked Wren the following week. Upon the door opening I knew I had made the right decision- A tall, sultry, vibrant women greeted me with a big smile and welcomed me in. Immediately as ease with her and horny as hell we walked hand in hand to one of the big back rooms. Immediately upon closing the door we were lip locked like two college students about to have a mid-day fuck between classes- the feel of her lips (full and sensual) raised my hormone levels to new heights. Realizing we were both in the mood to fuck we quickly took care of the donation- upon returning we continued as before this time with clothes flying off rather quickly- sensing my mood and now undressed for some fun she grabbed a condom and went to town on the big guy (I'm usually a GF guy at SVIP's but my my, next time I see Wren it'll be a PSE experience, those lips are sooooo soft and lovely!) With the pleasure meter rising and the mood set Wren energetically jumped up on the bed and put her sexy ass in the air- my first thought was to go down and toss some salad but gravity got the better of me and we started our sexercise session in doggy; which was a great choice, her back is sexy (like Carly sexy for those that knew her while she was in town) and my my feeling that ass while taking care of business still puts a smile on my face today…I'd continue with the x-rated details but I might have to go to XNXX mid-sentence and return with sticky fingers, needless to say we were both feeling pretty relaxed when we flopped back on the bed after the main event. Laying on the bed we started to get to know each other, and as above she presented herself in a most memorable way: articulate, intelligent, witty, genuine, fun minded and mature beyond her years- someone whom I genuinely enjoy being around and wish nothing but the best for in life. With the first session being so much fun I ended up booking her again later in the week, and had virtually the same experience, except this time we needed a shower after the main event! As always YMMV, but I got a feeling she's pretty consistent- now if only Blake could return so I could volunteer to be a test dummy to see which of these two provides better service….