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Thread: Anyone ever seen Erica, film noire starlet?

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    Anyone ever seen Erica, film noire starlet?

    Looking for intel.

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    If you search - go back to 2015 and search for Erica Obsession. I am curious as to whether or not she is still available. Some people found her to be exceptional.

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    I've been very curious about her myself. She's got a "do not review" policy though, so I wouldn't expect to see any recent info.
    If someone can PM me about her though, with regard to what she's like beyond what's in her ads, then I can judge whether she should be on my TDL.

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    I can tell you that I got to spend an hour with Erica a while back and had a wonderful time with her. She may not be for everyone. She is a full on film n'oire type of hedonist. She truly is immersed in her role as a seductress and I'm the type of guy that loves that shit. Anyways, I found her very attractive and has a body made to back up the cheques she writes (if you know what I mean). We spent a fair while getting to know each other and she is a pleasure to talk to. I can tell you that she was one of the most memorable and haunting SP's I've ever met.

    YMMV but nothing is guaranteed in this hobby.
    For me:
    L-Body and Face are attractive. Pale skin but milky white. I liked it.
    A-Very personable, attentive and a great conversationalist
    S-For me, it was an intimate and seemingly risque' encounter. She is very complex.

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    Erica has been a recent advertiser on Eros Vancouver.

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    She's been off and on Eros for years.

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    As she has a do not review....I won’t. I will say she is very kind, pretty in an elegant way, and is accommodating. Nice lady that I look forward to seeing again.

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