Just checking in if this is of interest to any of you on your way to work.
This might be a great way to avoid traffic and spend your time kicking your morning off with a bang.
Of course, you may shower here.

I have Alex and Jessi expressing interest in making this a recurrence one day/week. On request, they might do some days together, so their duos are a possibility.
What a naughty secret you will be smiling about all day at work

At this point We are looking at Tuesdays for Alex and an undetermined day for Jessi.
Let me know your thoughts...all of them

Call the line 250-FUK-4FUN
or text me at 236-999-2400
to inquire or discuss what might work for you

In the meantime, come chillax with us and have a sultry Sunday...

~sexually open-minded
~a web-spinning experience
~athletic body
w) a thick round booty

~warm smile and soul
~cloaks a love of sexy lingerie
in an air of sweet innocence
~model figure

Today, I still have Saija taking appointments between noon and 3 still, and Mia available by request.

~open-minded and giving
~long, toned legs
~a classy beauty

~sexually confidant and sultry
~naturally a GFE
~colourful tattoos decorate her
porcelain skin

I am taking advance bookings for Monday for Mia at 10am, Alex at 11am, Saija at noon, Jessi at 3:30