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Thread: A Review of Thailand Part 1: Soapy Massage in Bangkok

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    A Review of Thailand Part 1: Soapy Massage in Bangkok

    Its no secret that Thailand is touted as one of the best places for sex tourism. Besides the beaches, food, shopping, temples, elephants and culture, the sex industry is definitely thriving over there. Its illegal in Thailand, but the cops don't interfere as long as there are no underage women. You won't have a problem with the police when going for sexual services in Thailand.

    The following posts will be a detailed account of my experience while other there for two weeks for vacation. I was with a friend who knows of my activities but does not partake himself, as well as being there for an actual vacation, it was not purely a sex fueled trip. I also wanted to do the touristy things and eat the street food.

    What is a Soapy Massage?

    A soapy massage is a 90 minute session, in which you go to a lobby and pick a woman via a number placed on her clothing. Sometimes they are behind glass, which are called fishbowls. The place I went to did not have this. I used ThailandRedCat's guide for Bangkok Soapy Massage, and decided on La Belle. However I did not end up going there. I asked the concierge of my hotel to get a cab for me, and when I mentioned the Phetchaburi Road he instantly knew what I was after but didn't make it obvious, a true professional. Instead of a cab he got me a private driver, a Mr. Mark. I asked for him to take me to La Belle, and he said that he knew of a better place, a tad cheaper, pretty girls. I wasn't too sure on this, I grabbed 8k baht (1k baht is approx 40 Canadian dollars), I grabbed this much because I wanted to go all out for my first experience, and get a real hottie and just indulge myself. I decided to go with Mr. Mark's suggestion, and he obviously gets a commission for bringing me there. So why not trust the guy who works for the hotel privately? He took me The Bank Massage Club, a place I have never heard of. There are literally dozens of soapy massage places in that area, but I just wanted to see if this guy's recommendation was good.

    I get there and its a giant building, probably used to be a hotel that is now outfitted for the soapy massages. The lobby has lots of chairs, and a guide of sorts tells me the pricing system. Some girls cost more than others, depending on their beauty. Sideline girls or average girls are 3k, and the price goes up for supposedly hotter women. Every place does it differently. Some put sideliner girls on the bottom floor, hotter women are one level higher. Others do a tier system, and as you go up the girls get hotter but more expensive. Some places the top tier is as high as 20k.

    I picked #82, I don't recall her name but it was Moon-something. Anyways Moon takes me over to the counter and I pay her fee, 5400 baht. I tip the older guy guide and she takes me to the elevator and I used the washroom at the shared thing, each room does not have a washroom. The room is bare, a large bathtub big enough for 2 people, a bed, a tv, and a weird seat couch looking thing. Moon undresses me and we get interrupted by a staff member taking a drink order, I order a water and pay 10 times the normal price. But the water is big enough for 2 people. A bottle of water at 7/11 goes for 7 baht, the water was 79. The lady interrupts us again bringing the drink and Moon gives her an earful.

    Someone drop off the soap and towels package and she undresses me, then undresses herself as the bubble in the bath get ready. She glides herself over me, slim build, decent B or C cup breasts, nice round ass and model face. She could easily pass as a flight attendant. The tub fills and she takes me over there, washing my arms, then chest, back, legs, some bbbj, and then shampoo. She doesn't wash my face so I have to do that. We get out and dry ourselves off, then sex. Some bbbj, cowgirl and doggy, she makes sure to wipe her mouth after bbbj because of the pre-cum. I ask for a cbj finish because I'm wiped. She didn't do cim and it was kinda lame. We still have 20 min on the clock so we cuddle and then she gets dressed after. I tip her 500 baht because she was nice.

    She escorts me out and a taxi is prearranged by the older guy I tipped earlier. On another note, some of these places do food. Like legit restaurant style fancy food. So people can eat beforehand or after the deed. It makes sense because these are hotels sort of, so they have a kitchen to prepare food for guests, and staff. Its just something I never considered, its like having a pizza shop in a strip club and people eat there.

    Overall, I spent 6650 baht on tips for the staff and her. 500 for Mr. Mark to take me there and that includes the ride back, 5400 for the girl, 500 for the tip for her, 100 for the guide, and 100 for the water, and a 50 for the cabbie who took me back. Was it worth it? No.

    Pros: For one thing,the girl was tight down there. They don't see as much action because they are considered top tier girls. Mostly foreigners and tourists frequent these places, because 5400 baht is half a month's wages for some. She offered decent service, was friendly, and with what English she could manage she was able to do small talk. She was really good looking, and she did her job. Also because of the amount you're spending, you're treated like VIP. Everyone wants that 100 baht tip, so they treat you like royalty, and you get to feel like a big shot. That was definitely an unintended thing that happened.

    Cons: The girl was hot, but no cim made her as good as the 6456 girls in Canada. Hot, good service, bbbj but no cim, and the price was around the same. Only difference is that with 250 its an hour with the hot white girl and no bath beforehand. Once I get into how much it costs for other kinds of sex stuff in Thailand, you'll agree that the price tag of +6k baht is a tad high.

    In summation, the price tag for the experience is way too high. Its definitely not a tourist trap, as these places are far and away in their own little area. But its reserved especially for those who have money to burn. As I said there are dozens of these places with varying looks of women and price, but this was just one visit of a potential 50. There are also many soapy massages in Pattaya, and Phuket as well. I went just to try it out, and I felt it too expensive for the price.

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    6650 baht is expensive.
    You can get good looking escorts for almost half that price...

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    Fuck have prices exploded. 10 years ago you could have a 24 hour companion for a full week for between 10000 and 25000 baht depending if she was agency or private.

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    I guess its just the way it goes. I didn't have to drop more than the 5400 for the girl, but with everyone so friendly and treating you nicely it loosens the wallet. For me, I just wanted to try a soapy massage and to have no limits, which is why I brought 8k just for that visit. I was willing to go that high, just to see how hot a woman I could get. Looks are very subjective over there. The rub and tug ladies were just as hot as any of the other women in Thailand.

    As for agencies and stuff like that, my phone wasn't unlocked so I couldn't get a tourist sim card to work to call anyone.

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    Thanks for the detailed travelogues.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself, and seem satisfied, but none of the experiences seemed very enticing, and could have been dangerous in a foreign country.

    Isn't a soapy massage similar to a hammam bath?

    I know there's an exotic element, but wouldn't you have got better looking women, and better service in Vancouver?
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    I wouldn't personally know how these types of sexual sessions would go down unless I tried them. Haven't you ever been curious about the all day fuck hotels in Germany? Or going to Brazil and having your fill of hot latinas at a third the price of the Canadian dollar? There is always risk in travel, I felt it was time for me personally to go on an international trip. Literally everyone in my family has left the continent of North America except for me before this trip. And I know a lot of friends who have gone to Thailand just for the food and culture. I figured it was time to dip my beak in other cultures. Its not about the exotic element, it was about the price element. 40 dollars for a handjob is nice, especially from really hot asian women. And I was also in a place where one can get a really good legit thai or oil massage for cheap.

    Vancouver is actually pretty darn overpriced in many areas. From rent, to magnum ice cream bars, food and massages especially. 110 for a RMT is so expensive. I know there are lots of hot women here in Vancouver, I definitely missed the white women here. There are only Thai women there but I think its good to travel and experience new things.

    I'll probably base my future destinations based on also getting p4p but that doesn't mean I can't also enjoy the food and culture.

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    Jamasianman - nice report.
    I have been to Thailand many times and will generally do 1 soapy per trip. I seem to remember my cost being 3000 Bt all in.
    I find the blowjob bars (Lolitas) and the hard core massage places (Tulip and Mango) to be the best value. Soi Cowboy and Nana are fun to experience.
    I have not been to the beer parlors looking for Freelancers or picked up outside the Nana hotel. Its on my list of things to do.
    Hope you have a great trip.

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    Thanks for the report! It makes for a very informative read. Great honest impressions.

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    Sorry to say this, but you got put into a tourist Trap, and got a bit ripped off.

    If you ever have a local guide arrange to take to to a place, they get a pre-arranged commission from your payment. Their is at least a 500 baht surcharge on your payment as well. For the exact same reasons you 'trusted' the driver who worked for the MP, is the reason why i don't trust them, they don't have your best interest in mind, only want to sell you one of their girls, not looking out for your money or the best value girl for your money.

    Most standard MPs (in the Ratchada area) are in the 2500-3000 baht range for a soapy. This is the standard pricing, even for LaBelle, Posseidon, etc.. The upper end ones (Lord etc..) have better looking gals in the 7-9 range, and charge in the 5000-12000 baht range(depends on many factors such as if they are in the Model, Freelance, Sideline catagory, and their skin tone). I never heard of the MP you went to, and i'm inclined to think it wasn't one of the more repuatble ones. For that price you should have gotten a model category girl, which i am doubting you probably got a standard darker skinned girl. If you are going all the way to Thailand, why pay the same price as you would here for a similar quality girl and services??

    In any case, i advise anyone living there to just do their own research, don't rely on unknown taxi drivers locals to take you there as they always get a cut, and you are quoted an inflated price to pay for their commission.

    Source: Lived in Thailand for a year, been to 100's of places but haven't been back in a couple years. My info may be a bit outdated but surely not obselete.
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    1000 Thai Baht = $42 Cdn

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