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    Charlotte Knox 2855

    Has anyone had the chance to see charlotte knox or recommend any other MP?

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    One of the best MP around.Tall, sexy, fit and awesome personality.

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    I agree! Pretty hot watching her use a toy while you finish on her chest! She’s not fs, but she’s much more playful then other mps and like Bigboy999 said, sexy as hell. She’s a sweet girl.

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    Charlotte is top notch. Super attractive, really really nice body, oodles of fun, genuine and warm. Hope the industry doesn’t turn her off b/c she is the best massage provider I’ve ever had on the Island (though I have not seen Katerina yet). If I hadn’t just got back together with my girlfriend I might have thought to ask her if she was single ��

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    She is not single, she has a bf, but in a open relationship.

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    Having seen this pretty lady recently I echo the above comments. Very attractive, skilled and a pleasure to be with. I really enjoyed my time with her. Im repeating soon!

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