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Thread: Kspa Intel?

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    Kspa Intel?

    It has been a while since Ive gone to kanokwan on View.
    I used to like to pop in on occasion and every once in a while would discover a new gem.
    I reached out lately and was told that there is a sexy 24 year old named Madison. This is not the Madison that used to work there (very slim and sexy white girl) nor the Madison recently was at Sawasdee (mid 30s chubby large breasted blonde).
    I am curious if anyone has info on the new Madison? Or anyone else at kspa these days?

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    I've seen Madison and let's just say we didn't connect. The massage was nothing more than basic rub and there's no teasing or lead up whatsoever. It seems she's fairly new to it all so maybe after a few weeks she'll get a bit better. She's respectfully touchable and goes topless upon request. But I wouldn't repeat.

    Otherwise you got Celine and Annie, two aunties. If I had to pick one of the three I'd go with Celine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiotriot View Post
    If I had to pick one of the three I'd go with Celine.
    Why would you go with Celine praytell? Any helpful intel?

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    Any place that bait and switch or have to rely on established names but are not actually them only show you that they are desperate, not trustworthy, and not to respectable.

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    Agree with nightday, Celine is very open minded at least after a couple of visits. Well worth it.

    Saw Annie today, recommended by Noi as friendly and 35 yrs. I was of course expecting an Asian aunty, which is fine by me if she is fun. The Annie I got was an Eastern European blonde, maybe 40ish, she said she was Hungarian. Good teasing soft back massage with lots of stroking the good parts. Very nice HE after the flip. I am wondering if this is one of the girls reviewed here, maybe Mila or one of the others that I have not seen. She claims to have been around for a while. I suspect she really warms up after a few visits. Very nice time.

    A bit unusual, she left while I dressed. I left the one hr fee and what I thought was an OK tip on the massage table and said goodbye on my way out, never a discussion of the amount and I was out before she went back to the massage room.

    I guess I am a trustworthy guy!

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    Interesting.. I have been a regular since the spa has opened and have always enjoyed myself . Quality may go up and down as can be expected. I have seen Celine at least 20 times or more and have never been offered what is being suggested.

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    I've found that stating '45 minute special' in text while deciding to visit seems to effectively drop the hint. If there is any ambiguity, I follow it with 'includes happy ending?'. They're usually fairly straightforward if the particular girl in question is up for it? Hope I'm not being too forward, but saves a ton of time/pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightday View Post
    Looks like another shaker at Kspa... Celine now advertised over at Maes...
    Noi knows how to keep the employee’s.....
    Can you link where she is being advertised at Mae's? I searched and could not find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guts123 View Post
    Can you link where she is being advertised at Mae's? I searched and could not find it.

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    Lol , after for the clean up !!!

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