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Thread: Chanel Rose /Natalia

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    I haven't seen either of them, but I did text Chanel Rose a while back and I can tell you that she charges an arm and a leg for pretty basic services. I don't remember the exact prices and I deleted our text history, but I think it was something like 600+ for an hour and that didn't include anything good like bbbj, daty, dfk, etc. If my memory is correct, she was charging like 150 or 200 for each of those things on top of the regular price. Completely absurd in my opinion. The pics are verified so I don't doubt they're real and she looks hot, but that's way over my budget so I passed.

    Natalia in Surrey I can guarantee you is using fake pics. Looks pretty obvious based on that ad.

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    i also spoke with chanel rose about her rates and i'm 99% sure they've gone down. i also don't have the messages anymore and don't remember, but i think it was like 160/15, 200/30 or something in that range. don't quote me on that, just to give you a rough idea

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    This was her reply to me

    Hey babe my pictures are verified 100% real and my rates are FS
    45- 340
    Restrictions - no Greek,no bbfs,no cim
    Ask about outcall prices + take deposit

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    i think she raised her prices $20 since i texted her about 4-5 days ago

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    anyone see chanel rose yet?

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    Bump for Chanel rose

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    She is offering sexy nude cleaning services.
    I'd like to try that and see if it's real

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    She looks amazing, and $420/h doesn’t seem unreasonable. Seems odd though that a gal with those looks charging that much for fs is going to clean nude (outcall?) for a fraction of her fs rate.

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    come fly with Johnnie....
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    Ya!! I love the azzz on that girl. my house is dirty... really dirty....

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    Replying to this on my phone so I hope it goes through.
    I've seen her years ago. Went by the working name maya.
    Pics are accurate and she's very nice, but she's all about the cash. So if your ok with the rates go for it

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    Thanks for the info dude.
    Does she offer good services and how old would is she
    Since you saw her years ago ?

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    Im going to guess chanel is 22. checked her facebook and saw a old pic that I recognize from old ad and the date was 2015.
    I pretty sure it was her page that she was talking about grad. some im guessing she was 18 then.
    they were a group of friends making money to party in there own place.
    at that time they where 300 per hour. got bbbj, light digits(more rubbing then digging) light fk and fs

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    looks hot ! might need some room cleaning

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    I was interested in her then...
    She quoted me $800 per hour.
    That is fucking insane even considering her looks.

    Then again you look at her social media and you can see she's in fact loaded already so it doesn't matter to her if she gets no clients.

    Something tells me that her service might not even be that good. Her looks does not justify her price tag when you factor in her attitude/vibe over social media. "All about the cash" is exactly correct as the above poster said

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