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Thread: Lisa Marie

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    Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie on Leolist looks familiar?

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    I’ve been watching for a review or something. I mean someone has had to of seen her. I learned my lesson on toftt.
    But yes. I think she went by a different name a couple years back.
    Anyone got any info? Would be greatly appreciated.

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    She's been around forever. She was at Diamonds back when it was still Nevadas.

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    So.... would she be good to see? I know that just because a lady has been in the industry for a while doesn’t always mean that it will be a good visit.

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    I've never seen her personally. I just recognise her as an old timer.

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    Just checked out her pics.
    She is obviously wearing some kind of a corset/waist trainer under her clothing to make herself look slimmer than she is.
    I'm not knocking her for being a lady with some extra pounds but if someone was expecting the hour glass figure in the pics once the clothes come off, they might be disappointed.

    Y'all come back now,

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    I remember seeing her ad from a couple of years ago, where she was offering duos with a gent who was all tatted up and looked like he could give you the prison shower experience.

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    I saw her about 2 months ago. She does like to wear a corset. She did wear it well but not really my type. Service was ok. Probably won't repeat.

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