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Thread: Grace is not new but good

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    Grace is not new but good

    I recently visited with Grace who is advertised with Christina. She is Yuki who was previously with Kelly. If you are looking for her, you can find her advertising with Christina 1388. I believe that this is the same Christina who sometimes advertises with Eva/Jessica at 6081. They appear to be working our of 5th street and a place over near T Ho's on Gorge.

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    Costing is slightly better here at 110 vs 120 at Kelly’s. It appears kelly is now a solo act

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    No, that is rose herself. Dang works as solo, under rose, and sometimes for Sawasdee. Don’t be fooled by the photographic lure though when booking. If you want rose, specifically ask for her....otherwise you may get dang .

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    yes but rose won't do a HE

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    Rose is in fact very hot. She does he ( but only for her fiancé now ). Lol

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    I was wondering who Grace was. Since she is advertizing with Christina. I thought Eva (Jessica) had a name change again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightday View Post
    Ya funny, the diamond factor.... okay back to thread topic, Grace (Yuki) has her extra ever gone to shorts off?
    She has the nicest set on her, and very funny in a cute way. Always wants to please, but man... that is the sweetest round butt... PM if anyone knows of new extra’s that may not want to be public.....
    She has a very cute way about her. Nice butt but I don't think those shorts come off. They seem to be part of her working uniform to keep her safe from wandering hands. If anyone has had more success, please PM me.

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