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    Affluent Goddess

    Hello folks

    This is just more curiosity than anything, but does anyone know anything about this new Dominatrix who goes by the name Affluent Goddess?
    She seems to be offering something a bit more in depth, and says she's looking for one person to completely submit to her.
    this is her ad:

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    Pretty sure it's a scam. Contact her and you'll see. Spidey senses will tingle.

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    It was a lazy attempt. If you are trying to scam I say go all out.

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    Thank you, folks

    That was my own sense, and yes, my Spidey sense was tingling with this one.
    My guess is that you contact her, she demands money before meeting up, and that's the last you heart of her.

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    The pictures do seem to be stole from a Domme on Instagram. reached out to the Domme in the pics but got no reply. And No i will not contact the Leo List ad.. Sorry!!

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