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Thread: Has anyone seen Coco?

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    Has anyone seen Coco?

    I've been out of the pooning for a while but have returned.
    Has anyone had an experience with this sp?

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    It won’t be the girl in the pics , I can guarantee u that.

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    Yea... they hardly ever are with the asian sps

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    This is true, though it likely isn't a complete scam. If you go in expecting a large breasted Asian beauty, you might walk in to find a slightly older small breasted SP. Services still seem to be good, but you need to go in expecting to see someone other than who is in the photos.

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    I'm surprised nobody has seen her. I guess I will have to TOFTT and report back

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    I saw an Asian girl in Kelowna who went by Coco about a year ago. She moved down to the lower mainland, but she might be back. As everyone else has said, it's definitely not the girl in the pictures; but to be fair neither were the pictures in the ad I originally replied to.

    The description in her ad does match the girl I spent time with, she was about 5 foot, tight body with fake 36DD's and small eraserhead nipples. She also had a tattoo on her pelvis, a lotus I think. If I were to guess at her age, I'd say anywhere from late 20's to mid 30's.

    She was a great fuck, but the service was a bit rushed. I paid for an hour and a half and when I arrived, she showed me to the shower and left me to rinse off alone, then I went to her room and we fucked in multiple positions and went down on each other. Once I blew my load though, she started cleaning me off with a towel and was once again ushering me to the shower. By the time I was walking back to my car, I checked the time and saw that she'd booted me out with 20 mins left on the clock.

    Overall I had a great time and if it is the same girl, I would recommend her; I just wasn't impressed by the early ejection.

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