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Thread: Spa and MP ads

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    Spa and MP ads

    Browsing through the ads I definitely notice thereís very little effort put into the ads at various MPís and Spas around town.
    I like the way Atlantis, Tiger and Great Pharaoh does their ads. Kudos especially to Sara at Tiger for doing a stellar job of this.
    Gives a description of the girls there and indicates which girls are working that day.
    Would it really be all that difficult for these other shops to do that too?
    Iím sure that would increase business a lot and save us pooners the hassle of having to phone these places just to hear a cranky mamasan with broken English blurt out a bunch of over used Asian girl names!


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    Totally agree with that, tiger does it pretty well, places like dream and city, and a few other MP that use LL just have a string of obviously fake pictures with these prices that seem like a deal, and upon looking into the reviews you find they charge extra after you walk in. I would like to try new places but I'm afraid of wasting time/money.

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