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    I had the pleasure of seeing Miss Lianne yesterday for half an hour and it was great.

    She hosted in a hotel close to the airport so the location was good and accommodating.
    My initial thoughts of when I saw her was a big "wow". The pictures that she has on her AD are definitely her and quite accurate. As is in her description, she's tall (taller than me but I didn't mind), and had a very model type body. She wore here sexy red lingerie when I saw her which was perfect.

    When I was introduced into the room she made it feel like a "i haven't seen you in a long time lets get right to fucking" attitude which I was kinda taken aback but while we were undressing vigorously, we had small talk in between. Then immediately into making out like you, and lots of touching like you would see in the movies. Some people might see this as "rushing" but as time went on, the pace became that of a slow RNB song and it was fun.
    After the session, we talked for quite a while and cuddled a bit.

    PS she told me if you like to party: Montreal parties are where its at! She is here till ?sunday I believe for anyone interested
    I'd definitely see her again for longer and the only thing I'd have to say is I was kind of hoping for it to be more of a GFE ease into it kinda session otherwise the session itself was good

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayfern View Post
    ...I was kind of hoping for it to be more of a GFE ease into it kinda session otherwise the session itself was good
    I would say you did pretty well for a half hour session.
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    Thanks for the review xoxo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lianneinternationale View Post
    Thanks for the review xoxo
    I just saw Lianne. She has a great personality and what an outstanding body. She also knows what she’s doing so I’m thinking another date before she leaves! Great time with her and she has a butterfly I need to visit.

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    Does anyone have a link?
    Is she on LL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blowy82 View Post
    Does anyone have a link?
    Is she on LL.
    You can get more info on posters by right clicking their user names and then clicking on the "Find latest posts" to see if they posted any info you are looking for. The third item on the resulting list had considerable info from Liannne on her latest visit:

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