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Thread: Two Seduction Unlimited Websites?!

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    Two Seduction Unlimited Websites?!

    There seem to be two SU websites & they both have the same phone numbers: & it seems more flashy

    OR & it seems more simple, but it has updates...

    Can anyone verify the validity of the first one? The second one seems to be the real deal, but the first one has some cute women on it.
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    Number 1 is their old one. The title page talks about looking forward to opening the new place on April 1. That's a while back.
    Not sure if it's being updated, I think that I heard/read that the owner of the previous site is getting rid of it.

    Number 2 is the current site.

    New location is primo. Lots of parking, discreet entrance, close to town (hell, it's even close to Montys) , and nice rooms. To bad they couldn't have planned ensuite showers though.

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