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Thread: Kylie VME

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    Kylie VME

    Anyone seen or tried her? Thoughts? Couldn't find anything on her in search. She looks good though from what I can see in the ant-sized photo on the website.

    Much appreciated in advance

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    I think VME is DNR.

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    I think that was lifted a few months back.

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    Is this a massage centre for ants? [blue steel]

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    As far as I know, VME is not DNR. pussy lover is right: that was lifted months (and months) ago. So review away!

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    Afaik, VME is no longer DNR, so if anyone could help me with a 411 with this lovely lady that would be wonderful

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    Sharby It would be helpful if you check your messages

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    Quote Originally Posted by pussy lover View Post
    Sharby It would be helpful if you check your messages
    Ah sorry, didnt notice, thanks!

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    I would like to know more about her as well... Did you end up booking with her?

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    Have not because I'm not currently in the country, but just curious because she was someone I wanted to see listed in the gallery at VME previously, no idea how long she'll be there for though

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    Can you tell us about your experiences? I'm very curious about visiting Kylie!

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