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    After experiencing time with Rose last year during a duo with Maria de Montreal I felt the need to spend more time with Ms. Delacourt on her most recent trip to Winnipeg and booked an afternoon interlude with her last week. Rose was everything that I remember from our previous time together as she has a wonderfully slim and toned body that is an absolute credit to all of the work she does in the gym.

    Of all of the traveling ladies who make their way through Winnipeg Rose may be the best when it comes to providing a genuine and enthusiastic GFE. The progression from chatting to caressing to making out and finally into the more serious activities is so wonderfully paced and effortless. Rose has a fantastic soft sensuality to everything that she does in the bedroom and that, much like everything else about her, is totally captivating. Even when some overzealous housekeeping staff caused a brief interruption to our activities Rose dealt with it like a total pro and had me right back to cloud 9 in a heartbeat.

    Rose really is one of the stars of the touring crew that frequent Winnipeg and I was happy to hear that her experiences this time around were significantly better than on her previous trip which was marred by no-shows and cancellations. For anyone looking for a top-tier companion to spend time with you really can't ask for more than Rose Delacourt and I would encourage you to jump at the chance to see this wonderful woman.

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    I finally had a chance to see her this time around after I missed her the last couple visits here. She is as amazing as everyone says. The GFE felt very genuine, smart, conversation was very easy and enjoyable with lots of laughs. She said she doesn't miss her workouts ever and it definitely shows.

    It's too bad that she doesn't come around as much as she use to, but she is worth the wait

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    It’s tough to say enough great things about Rose. Riley and Irena get rave reviews on here (rightfully so) and Rose should be included on their level. She is one of those rare people who comes along and raises the bar in every way. I admire her character and her charm and her attention to detail - nice clean suite, outfit requests remembered, seem less transitions from talk to fun, and pays lots of attention to you. She has an amazing toned body I only stayed an hour, but next time I will be spoiling myself with a night out on the town and enjoy her smile, her laugh and her quick wit. Since she only comes around once every few months, I foresee a trip to Montreal soon......

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    God thank you so much for the love! I definitely had my best trip so far and it's because of you gentlemen stepping up. I will be back in July with Maria! Stay tuned xx

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    I booked her for hh last winter, I should have booked an hour as she was totally worth it. She loves kissing alot.

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