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Thread: A question about Keto

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    Question A question about Keto

    Iíve been on Keto for well over a year, with cheat days very few and far between. Mostly because whenever I eat any high carb foods I get bloated and feel like trash. So the most Iíve ever cheated would be the rare meal.

    Just curious if anyone is experienced with cycling on and off keto. How long does it take for your body to adjust back to a regular diet? And any tricks youíve found that help eliminate that horrid uncomfortable bloating?

    I donít plan on going back to a regular diet permanently, but would like to be able to comfortably handle more breaks.

    Btw...its not gluten thatís bloating me, I have celiac disease so Iíve been on a strict gluten-free diet for many years.
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    Raising and lowering carb intake will be difficult depending on how much you increase your carbs.
    Also the higher the glycemic index the harder it will hit you. I had a pizza and it fucked me right up for about three days. Sugary soft drinks make me crash too.
    Then getting back into it you get the Keto flu.

    I don't think there is any easy way to cycle it. For a break try staying moderately low 70-100 grams carbs, and eat complex carbs not refined or starchy.
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    I cycle off keto regularly as I mix up power lifting and running/cutting every 6-8 weeks. I've done keto for four years on and off. I find that I effectively get back on keto by going for a 5km run and then fasting for 24hrs +. And plenty of water.

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    So why a keto diet? Why not a well balanced diet?
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    It depends on the type of carbs you reintroduce into your diet. If you're taking about eating pizza, pasta, and rice then go easy on that... but if you're thinking to maybe incorporate more fruits and more veggies then that's fine. If you're going eat a sweet, treat yourself to a dark chocolate banana bread made with spelt flour and sweetened with mashed dates... or if you're going to do pizza, it can be a spelt flour dough. Have you ever considered the eat right for your blood type diet? Look into what your blood type is, see the types of carbs it allows and consider using that as a guideline too.

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