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Thread: Searching for tightest kitten in Nanaimo please,just preference nothing personal.

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    Im very curious too pm sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by European flair View Post
    Conquest is over. I discovered the tightest little kitten I have ever experienced here in Nanaimo.I still can't believe.Just stunning.I am so happy.

    I get keeping it schtum

    Hammer at it a bit, get your use then spread the word

    often the first bang is good, second can be good, but then it's down hill, forever chasing that initial high

    so rare to find fresh, especially on this island, so make hay whilst the sun shines

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    Marie-Angel. She's 55 but it's very tight. Her ad on Nanaimo Leolist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Vanessa View Post
    I am curious. Curious why you created a post asking for referrals from others, yet you neglect to share what you have found to refer to your fellow board members.
    Yup. Whack.

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    Who is it?!?

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