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    Had a 90 min PSE with Quinn the other day. My Dudes, you have to take advantage of the PSE special! SOOO much fun. With Quinn it went way too fast, time flies when you are having fun! She is as cute as can be and has some serious oral skills. Her body is amazing and responsive. Conversation is incredible, she is well read and intelligent, something I find sexy. We had an explosive session (literally, I think my second shot a HJ went 5 feet and almost hit me in the head!) Gotta confess this was a great experience.

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    Thanks for the review, Peter North

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austinpowersmojo View Post
    Thanks for the review, Peter North
    LMAO...good one disrespect to the OP...because I now Have to see Quinn...
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    Cum in the eye is not fun..... Stings actually... Good review

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