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    Thumbs up Lexci 9701

    I made this account just to post about my hour with Lexci earlier this week as a thank you to the community for giving reviews about Lexci that were consistent with my experience with her.

    I’m sitting here trying to think of the most concise way to sum up the experience in more than one word: hot. Lexci was hot. The situation was hot. Grabbing Lexci’s perky handfull-titties was hot. Grabbing Lexci’s hips and slamming my cock into her in doggy style was hot. Her tight and cute little pussy was hot. The way she put the condom on my cock with her mouth was hot. The way that she greeted me at the door in lingerie was hot. Hot. Fuck, I guess I couldn’t think of a more creative way to sum up the experience.

    Before showing up, I had had a pretty shitty morning, and I needed a distraction. I saw Lexci’s ad on Leolist, liked what I saw, and just to ease my concerns about getting scammed or just having a really lame experience with an unenthusiastic girl who couldn’t wait for me to leave, I looked her up on perb. The reviews about her were okay. There wasn’t anything compelling, but at the same time, there weren’t any red flags like those that I had seen about some other girls. Older reviews said that she used to work at Class Choice Experts (CCE), and now, she’s independent. One review even called her chunky! Hah! She’s not chunky at all. In fact, her pictures are misleading. She’s much more attractive in person with a beautiful tan, but she’s not just pleasing to the eyes, her skin is really soft and buttery: I got lost in it, and I even started giving her a brief massage!

    Near the bottom of her ad on Leolist, she said that the first message should include a booking date and time and how long I wanted to spend with her. I sent her just that along with how much I would be bringing based on her menu in her ad. She replied saying that she was available at my requested time. I said “Let’s book it!” The meeting was booked, and she sent me her address with instructions to get to her place and what to do when I got there. The parking situation was effortless: private yet busy enough to be anonymous and free, so this is where I assert with levity that the parking was hot too.

    I think my timing couldn’t have been better since I contacted her around noon, and she was able to accommodate me within less than an hour, but I suspect that once I finish writing this review, it might be harder to get in to see her on such short notice, but I don’t do this often, so think of this as a “you’re welcome” to the rest of you who leave or rely on reviews.

    Once I parked, I let her know that I was there, and she gave me clear instructions on how to get to her apartment. Once I got to her apartment, I knocked lightly on the door, and she answered in lingerie. After she closed the door behind me, I pulled out my cash and handed it to her. Most of the reviews that I had seen made me feel comfortable doing so, yet in hindsight, that might have been a dumb move, but she smiled, and I detected mild surprise and appreciation for being so forthright about the transactional nature of our encounter, which made me think that I had not acted in the way that is normal for these types of transactions, but I was comfortable with her based on the reviews that I had seen, and since I handed the cash over before she asked, I think that contributed to the lighthearted and flirty atmosphere. Had I been in her shoes, I thought that I would have felt awkward asking, so I brought it up before she had the chance, and I think that’s a good strategy if you’re seeing someone who is established and who has a good reputation like Lexci. That way, the focus can shift to the erotic experience, which is the whole reason for the visit!

    I had showered before I came over and made sure that I was super clean, but before we started, Lexci asked me if I needed a shower, and after we finished, she again asked me if I wanted to shower since I still had some time left, so that’s a plus. I didn’t take her up on her offer since I showered at home before I showed up and was going straight home afterwards, but a nice clean shower seems like a pretty good idea, especially if you happen to be a dirty, cheating bastard…. Hahaha.

    Her bedroom was very clean and tidy. There was a wide mirror to perv out on if you’re into watching yourself fuck. There were condoms in a large wine glass by the bed, and she had lube and oils and all sorts of stuff that I wasn’t expecting her to have. I was impressed. She was really organized. The sheets were spotless. There weren’t any weird odours. It was impressively professional, but not clinically so; the lighting was romantic, and there was soft music in the background that was soft enough for me to still hear her gentle moans.

    Go see her! She’s legit, organized, smart, independent, not under the influence of anything, and just an all-around nice girl! Be a gentleman, and she’ll treat you really well.

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    Agreed she is a very nice girl but I would place her on the chunky side. Not a repeat for me .

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    GRADIENTDECSENT Great review. You echo a personal sentiment in this hobby. Respect and be a GENTLEMAN. !!!!

    Pussy lover. Lets call it somewhere between spinner and BBW..... Chunky sounds too negative...… You know the ladies might just be reading your comments too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pussy lover View Post
    Agreed she is a very nice girl but I would place her on the chunky side. Not a repeat for me .
    Thanks MAN for your view....

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    Your welcome Lecxi. Actually we chatted back in late March about my pending move to Victoria. Check your PM box.

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