Call to set up a tour: 250-514-2363 Jess

CCE is expanding its offerings to indoor workers whom are currently running themselves independently.

We supply a clean VIP suite, security, and necessities such as linens, towels, toiletries, and supplies.

We can provide a gentle knock on the door 10min before your client’s time is up so you do not have to be watching the clock.

The suite is beautiful with an air of class. It has a private separate entrance, and an in-suite washroom with a shower, stocked with shower gel and towels.

We are located in a discrete house 5min from downtown, on many bus routes (at 526 Frances Avenue) in Victoria, BC. We are privately owned by a woman with no silent partners involved.
SP’s can book the suite for a simple hour call as they confirm a booking with their client, or the suite can be booked in advance for a 4hr block.

The hour rate is $45. Custom packages or times are available.

Call to set up a tour: 236-999-2400 Tempest (can text)