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    The reviews of PINS is like 2015
    Time for an update?
    I guess being new in town you all know about her and no need to post a review?.

    Location Chinese steps, horrible location.
    Sorry but while the intel was clean it is showing the age.
    Did not see a shower.

    Better to make an appointment as she keeps the door lock and may not let you in.
    Very talkative during massage, maybe because my first visit.

    Yes older women, but sometimes age is better it’s up to you to decide.
    Massage, was excellent.
    Price is now $60 which is standard rate around town, or at the three locations I visited recently

    Interesting told me to leave my undies on?
    No mention of extras.

    So I guess now she is older and wiser and I should have asked?

    Will I repeat
    Yes just for the massage, as there are no cheap good massages in Nanaimo!
    I think as she gets to know you better there might be more on the table.
    Any regulars care to comment or PM me.

    For those who want a younger women then this is not your place.
    For those who prefer newer establishments with a shower, this is not the place.

    Maybe it’s me and I have a soft heart for good massage, let’s hope there are extras as it’s been my experience. Older is better hand job..
    I remember once a women gave me a HJ and it was like an experience of gone to heaven. And it’s rare.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've definitely received a lot more from pins. The last time was 2 weeks ago. She's never told me to leave underwear on. She's told me to take them off .

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