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Thread: Brittany and/or Tiffany

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    Brittany and/or Tiffany

    They both look like bombshells. Has anyone had any experience with either of these girls? Or possibly together because they do say they offer duos.

    I don't know if I could handle these 2 together but I guess it would be worth it to try

    Would love to hear any feedback.

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    Do a search , Tiffany has been reviewed and from what I can remember from previous reviews , Pricey. , very mechanical, restrictions , Was told GFE but no this and no that , good luck

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    Brittanys pictures were fake. The real girl from those pictures posted an ad with warnings on it. Although I can't seem to find that ad now. She's actually a personal trainer.

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    So I have meet with Tiffany ,it was good experience, the pictures are real and she is safe. I will recommend, and yes she is a personal trainer , love her body (she has boob implants). And about "Pricey" not sure i do not have much experience. "Very mechanical, restrictions " , i guess i got lucky cause it was not my feeling.

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